Cannabis electric Dome Suspended aluminum finish


    Cannabis Decoration 67: Cannabis Dome 67

    The Dome Cannabis table luminaire offers a unique atmosphere to your space.

    A true element of contemporary decoration, it offers an illuminated interior garden.

    Inspired by the 60s, its spherical look gives a little retro side!

    Two spheres in polished aluminum, LED lighting and artificial foliage make it up. It emits dim lighting and can be used as a bedside lamp.

    Johanne D’Astous, designer, signs the design.

    Jimmy Deschêches, artist, signs the creation.

    Collection: Cannabis 67 Canopy Dome

    • Product Code: 69DOM18
    • Series: CANN67S18
    • Domes in aluminum, polished by hand
    • Base: 6”dia base in hand polished aluminum
    • Lighting: 2 direct-emitting LED bulbs not included
    • Dimension: Domes 18 ” in diameter, 6 ” high for each dome
    • Dimension: Total height of luminaire 22 ”
    • Green artificial foliage, inspired by cannabis leaf not included
    • Made and assembled by hand in Montreal
    • Care: Non-abrasive soft cloth