Cramble Cannabis head Board Cooking


This board is not a simple kitchen tool!

Rather, it is part of a culinary ritual, an art of preparing food and a way of doing things!

This reversible board is made of solid walnut of high quality. On one side, it is set with a single groove that acts as a crumb tray and on the other; it has a groove that belt that acts as a liquid collector.

Two recesses at the ends of the board serve as handles.

The center of the board is convex, which serves as a mortar and facilitates the crumbling of cannabis. A maple wood pestle and a preserving pot with our logo complete the layout.

A representation of the cannabis leaf, drawn by the creators: The time of the cicadas, is engraved in the wood, which gives it a little marginal side!

How to use: Simply separate the heads of the cannabis plants by hand and put them in the hollow of the crumbling board. Afterwards, you crush the heads with the pestle until they reach the desired consistency. You then drop your mixture into the preservation pot.

Collection: Crumbling board

  • Product Code: 75PL1612
  • Essence: Solid walnut
  • Dimension: 12”D x 16”L  (41cm.L x 31cm.D)
  • Thickness: 1 1/2” (4cm)


  • Available Essence: Walnut
  • Accessories: Pot of conservation and pestle in maple.
  • Treated with edible mineral oil
  • Logo Decoration Cannabis67 inlaid.
  • Art: artistic representation of the cannabis leaf, engraved.
  • A board can also be customized according to your tastes and needs.

It is advisable to wash the wooden crumbling board with soapy water and dry it quickly. Never soak and never put in the dishwasher.

After each use coat the piece with mineral oil.