Ojamis Weed Mini Meditation Cushion


Ojamis Meditation Collection

The Ojamis is a meditation cushion of Japanese tradition. It will allow you to take a comfortable, relaxed and natural posture.
A better seat, will help you breathe deeply, to reach a higher concentration and thus, offer your body a moment of relaxation and well-deserved recovery!
The motif is inspired by cannabis leaf and offers a trendy visual experience, related to the legalization of cannabis in Canada. Whether in Lotus position, kneeling or straddling, It is ideal for practicing meditation or yoga.

The cushion can also be used as an element of interior decoration, which will give a small Zen side to your space of life. As it is versatile, it can also be used for other purposes: bench to eat around a table base, pillow reading, etc.

Ojamis cushions are meticulously handcrafted in Montreal. Illustration by Léa Mercante, an artist, inspired by creators such as Kandinsky and Kasuma, whose playful and poetic side she loves.