Green Weed Effect Decorative Cushion


Decorative Cushions: Mirror Effect Collection

The cushions of the Mirror Effect collection, inspired by cannabis leaf, offer a unique visual experience. The pattern has a real mirror effect, a duplicate of stylized foliage that brings the user into a plant universe.

The Mirror Effect cushion is more than a cushion; it’s a moment of contemplation and harmony with nature!

The Mirror Effect Cushion is a unique creation


Collection: Mirror Effect Cushion

  • Product Code: 41CD1818
  • Color: #41
  • Reason: Inspired by purple green and blue cannabis leaf
  • Print on a soft and textured fabric
  • Dimension: 18”H X 18”L
  • Composition of the textile: 100% polyester
  • Padding: 100% polyester
  • Invisible quality zipper
  • Maintenance: Dry cleaning
  • Made: In Montreal with the greatest care.

Artist: Léa Mercante

Léa Mercante is inspired by artists such as Kandinsky and Kasuma, whom the playful and poetic side are admired by her. Lea seeks to create a visual and interactive experience with the user of the product.