Cannabis Decoration 67, a living space with cool trends!


The collection of Cannabis Decoration 67 struck the nerve of the times, the legalization of cannabis in Canada. It is closely linked to the cultural and musical movement of the 60s, Flower Power. An era of cultural and musical icons such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, The Beatles, Bob Marley…

It reflects modernity, originality and aesthetics. It is the preferred place of discovery for those looking for exclusive objects, handmade and carefully crafted. She is a reference in terms of innovation and creativity.

It offers a range of accessories for interior decoration, tableware, floral art, lighting, furniture and linens.

The mediums used are; wood, textile fiber, glass and earth. Many objects are created from ecological materials.

It is signed by local creators who express their arts from the cannabis leaf. The collection is designed and manufactured in North America.

Johanne D’Astous, interior designer, passionate by art, offers you this resolutely avant-garde collection.

She is constantly looking for innovative artists and above all, involved in the goal of creating art for all, which will transform your living space into a unique and original place.